Diffuse 011 Kl


For photography collective Diffuse (www.instagram.com/diffuse.collective) we made this massive 80 pages Riso printed zine. Diffuse Collective consists of 9 photographers from Europe, Canada and the United states and gives a perspective on the weird things occurring during “normal” day to day situations.

After all the photographers send in a selection of their work we transformed it in to a hand-bound (side sewn stitch) Risograph printed zine.

The colour photos shot by Jenny Olsen & Isa Gelb where transformed in to full-colour Risograph printed photos. Using black, blue, fluor. pink and yellow (Faux-CMYK) we printed the photos in 4 separate layers to give it a unique look and texture.

The zine is 28,5 x 20,0 cm (11,2” x 7,9”), consists of 64 Black & White and 16 colour pages (faux CMYK) and is made in an edition of 100 copies.

The Zine

  • 28,5 x 20,0 cm (11,2” x 7,9”), 80 pages
  • Riso printed cover (1 color / black) on 250 gr Favini Crush, Olive paper
  • 16 Risograph printed pages (4 colors / faux CMYK) on 120gr EOS 2.0 paper
  • 60 Risograph printed pages (1 color / black) on 120gr EOS 2.0 paper
  • Hand bound, Side sewn stitch
  • Edition of 100, numbered