Flex Ur Spex Peter Straatburg Zine1Kopie


Together with Straatburg we worked on his first printed publication called "Flex ur Spex". Straatburg is an Australian photographer documenting his adventures on the road and around the globe. In this first printed publication Peter Straatburg travels to Bangladesh to show the polar contrast of cultures clashing.

Flex ur Spex depicts an Australian gimmick in reference to “Speed Dealer” sunglasses playfully thrust into the depths of local Bangladeshi culture. Bangladesh is a young developing country that stands alone since the Liberation war in 1971.

Before releasing the magazine Straatburg made some large prints and put it up in the streets of Melbourne. In this way he likes to bring the images to the streets and show the people in his hometown the ''culture clashes'' he saw during his trip.

Straatburg is a young and talented photographer full with crazy ideas for future trips. Check www.instagram.com/straatburg to see more of his work.


  • A5, 40 pages
  • Digital printed (Indigo) on 120gr Bio-top & 150gr Cromatico paper
  • Cover 250gr Favini Prisma paper
  • Cahier stitch binding