Same Zine 30 Kl


In co-operation with Same and Nc-formula we made two handmade magazines focussed on his graffiti work.

S?ME/S?ME (CP011-2019)

This handmade magazine features 80 freshly painted commuter trains and some riso printed traffic- and action shots. The idea behind the zine is to paint 40 cartoon duos on Dutch commuter trains. As a limited edition we made a memory game in an edition of 100.

For Same it all started with watching cartoons and scribbling the characters in his elementary school notebooks. His drawings moved from his notebooks to walls and trains but remained an important part of his work. The 40 spray-painted cartoon duos painted within the last year are Same’s ode to the 80’s and early- 90’s cartoons from his childhood.


  • A5, 68 pages
  • Riso printed cover (1 color/ Blue) on 200gr Favini Corn/ Coffee paper
  • 4 Risograph printed pages (1 color/ Blue) on 120gr Favini Corn paper
  • 56 Offset printed pages (full colour) on 120gr Munken Lynx Rough paper
  • Hand bound, Side sewn bound
  • Edition of 1000, numbered


  • 40 matching duos printed on 80 playing cards
  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up
  • Player with the most pairs wins
  • Edition of 100
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NAMES (CP003-2017)

The magazine made for the project gives a glimpse into the international network of illegal graffiti artists through the artwork of Same, one of Europe's most prolific writers.In 2015, Same set out to paint the ʻnamesʼ of the friends he's made during his extensive travels around the world.

Using the Dutch commuter system as his canvas, the result of Same's efforts is this compilation of photographs and memories.

Included are quotes and personal stories by:

Alors, Ausy, Avido, Batman, Beat53, Boing, Bowl, Brace, Brain, Broke, Chek, Clean, Coim, Cokne, Cyrus, Dawg, Djoks, Egoist, Erpes, Ether, Feebl, Fra32, Gebk, Him, Jador, Jake, Just, Kang, Kel, Lasse-braun, Lench, Leno, Massacre, Miw, Moon, Moron, Mser, Nase, Nokier, Norma, Omas, Oskie, Pores, Proten, Rast, Rebok, Serch, Sien, Sire, Smash, Sole, Spat, Tose,Triple, Tsoup, Utah, Vamp, Wat81, Yes2, Lucer, Marvel, Miss17 and Qge.

The magazine

  • A5, 80 pages
  • Digital printed (Indigo) on 100gr Bio-top paper
  • Cover 250gr Bio-top paper with spot varnish details
  • Cahier stitch binding
  • Edition of 1000
  • Signed and numbered by the artist
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