Sander En Keanu

Storage room & Roundabout

Together with Dutch illustrators Sander Ettema and Keanu Schipper we made two riso printed comics. The comics were made for the SMIB Worldwide Exposed show at KAF (Almere, the Netherlands).


Storage room by Sander Ettema is about someone who has neutralized every possible risk in his life, but still finds himself unsatisfied and anxious. In this surreal comic Sander tells the story of someone who struggles with fear in harmless situations, where his own mind is always pointing out his possible mistakes.

  • A5, 28 pages
  • Two color riso printed (Blue & Fluor Green)
  • Saddle-stitch bound



Roundabout by Keanu Schipper tells the story of “Shade Guy”. He is not a nice person, stealing and beating people all the time. He lives his live doing everything without repercussions. But he soon finds out that what goes around comes around.

  • A5, 20 pages
  • Two color riso printed (Medium blue & Orange)
  • Saddle-stitch bound