Telmo Miel Zine 1

Telmo & Miel

Dutch muralist duo Telmo & Miel are celebrating their 5 year anniversary in 2017. In co-operation with Telmo & Miel and the Sober Collective gallery (Rotterdam) we made this magazine to show what they achieved and how they grow as an artistic duo during the last 5 years. The magazine shows the best 20 walls, some new canvas work and some snapshots which they took during their travel time around the world.

For 33 years Miel is called Miel and for 28 years Telmo is called Telmo. Together they have been called vikings, or dutch bros. The bearded, laurel & hardy, the 4-armed printing machine. They are laughed upon by people calling it marriage, while many would be envious of this pinkly clowded union. They have been chewed up and spit out by the academy, but never lost sight of their plans, even though they didn't know what they where exactly.

For sure we can say they made some really nice murals and that there are plenty of future plans.


  • 148 x 199 mm, 80 pages
  • Digital printed (Indigo) on 120gr Bio-top & 150gr Cromatico paper
  • Cover Fabriano Medioevalis paper with spray-painted logo
  • Cahier stitch binding
  • Edition of 500