Our approach

Chemistry Publishing is there to connect different artistic worlds with a main focus on art and photography.

We try to connect a variety of artistic disciplines with a main focus on art and photography. In doing so, Roald de Jong, who founded the company in 2017, attempts to build a bridge between professionals and newcomers in the world of art and photography, by providing a platform based on the passion they all share.

Through creating books, magazines and prints with an eye for detail and quality, and by working with local craftsman and companies, Chemistry Publishing strives to add a human touch to its products. In this, collaboration with artists that share a similar positive mindset is key

We also like to see our products in other places than our own storage. That's why we like to work with stores to distribute our products.

If you would like to include our products in your regular assortment please contact us to see how we can work together or check our wholesale page for more info.