We offer a variety of printing and finishing services.

Fine-art printing

With our 12-color fine-art printer (Epson SC-P7500) we can print high quality Giclée prints. With a maximum width of 24" (60,96 cm) and various fine-art papers in stock we can produce prints with an impressive color accuracy of 99% Pantone coverage. Fine-art printing allows the artist to have an accurate product that will not fade and provide a high-quality museum grade product.

Riso printing

With our Risograph printer (Riso EZ-570E) we can make prints with a unique look and texture. The printing process is similar to screen printing and our machine use soy-based inks. With a maximum paper size of A3+ (39,2 x 48,3 cm) and 4 different colors in stock (black, blue, yellow and fluor. pink) we can create art-prints, zines or other printed matter.

Digital printing

We are working together with two local printshops to bring your printed matter to life. There are different options in paper, printing methods, quality and prices. We are in close contact with the printshops to discuss the possibilities for your project and to keep the quality of your project to the highest standards.

Finishing and binding

We offer a variety of finishing services in-house but are also working together with local craftsman to make sure that your project is completed to the highest standard. We can for example bind your magazines with a side-sewn stitch using our sewing machine or bind them by hand by using waxed linen thread, but also help you out with making hardcover books. We always try to make products with a good eye for detail and quality.

Let's work together

If you would like to discuss your future project or if you got an idea which needs to be seen on paper don´t hesitate to contact us.

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