Riso Print Deal

25 two-color A3 prints



Because we combine several orders, we can buy the paper in larger quantities and thus give you a better price for a beautiful product. We set some specifications and check the file for you before we start printing.

These are the steps to follow to finally create your own zine,

  1. Come up with an idea :)
  2. We'll contact you to discuss the specifications.
  3. If you have the design ready then we check your file.
  4. If the file is ok then we will start production
  5. The prints are sent out and we promote it through our social media channel

If you have any questions or an idea that doesn't fit into this deal, you can always contact us


  • A3, two color prints
  • 200 grams recycled favini Crush (white or offwhite) paper
  • Available colors, black, blue, bright red, yellow and fluor. pink
  • Edition of 25
  • 25% discount on the normal price