Boyscout Designer Nieuw 5

Boyscout Designer

The frayed edges of the public space is the area Bouke Bruins works in. With his project Boyscout Designer he is uniting the world of design with the world of the boy scouts by creating playful interventions. His starting point is that the (over-)shaping of public space leads to extreme regulation which in turn makes users passive. Boy scouts are taught to engage with their environment in an active and responsible manner. The Boyscout Designer is a model for Bouke Bruins to explore his opportunities as a designer.


  • A5, 120 pages
  • Digital printed (Indigo) on Bio-top 120gr
  • Cover of thick orange reflective fabric with embroidered logo
  • Edition of 20


  • 210 x 285 mm, 52 pages
  • Digital printed (Indigo) on Bio-top 120gr
  • Cover 250gr Gmund paper with letterpressed logo and spray-painted finish
  • Cahier stitch binding
  • Edition of 100