Reser Quarantena Magazine 001


When the Corona pandemic reached the Italian shore early 2020, authorities started searching for answers and solutions to halt the fast-spreading virus. On March 9th the first lockdown in Europe was implemented and Reser was locked in his house. Luckily his house is equipped with a large back yard, closed off by a wall. During the year and thru different stages of lockdown he managed to paint 403 walls during one of the weirdest years in modern times.

Reser is an Italian graffiti artist which started painting in 1994. From that time on he worked his way up in the European graffiti scene and is nowadays a well-respected and talented artist.

“Quarantena” is Reser's first magazine and contains a selection of his work from 2020. This 60 page’s hand-bound magazine. The magazine is digital printed, is wrapped in a letterpressed cover and is made in an edition of 250.


  • Magazine, 60 pages
  • 21,0 x 29,7 cm (8,27” x 11,69”)
  • Cahier Stitch binding
  • Letterpressed cover on 350 grams GMUND Heidi paper
  • Digital printed inner pages on 120 grams Bio-Top paper
  • Edition of 250, numbered